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How to Stop Windows 10 from Suspending UWP Apps

Sometimes UWP apps that you have installed on your Windows 10 ‘Suspended‘ automatically if the system doesn’t want them running in the background. The apps get a ‘Green leaf icon‘ in task manager with a tooltip that reads, “This UWP group is suspending processes to improve system performance.”

However,  some users have reported that, when apps on their system are suspended, they’re unable to use them and need to reboot their device.  Such as when they click on SEARCH by the START button, it only shows a black screen.

  1. Launch Settings apps by pressing WIN + I key combo.
  2. Next, select Privacy > Background apps.
  3. On the right side, turn off the options that reads “Lets app run in the background“. Doing this will stop all the UWP apps from running in the background.