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Compliance Testing


Whether you are taking credit cards from customers, treating patients for medical conditions, or checking a criminal record, your clients are trusting you with their personal information.

That's why the PCI Standards Council, the HITECH Law, and CJIS were created.  They setup standards that you as a business owner must meet in order to secure your clients valuable data.  One part of the these standards is annual compliance testing to verify you are doing your part to meet each of these standards.

The standards require things like making sure your computers are up-to-date, virus scanners are on each device, and you have appropriate firewalls in place.  But they also want to verify how you are storing your data, such as behind locked doors and who has access to that door.

Confused?  Many people are...
But we can help!  We can help you sort through all the questions and requirements and make sure your company is meeting all the standards necessary to secure your clients data and keep it safe.

Call us today and see how we can help you!