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PC Sales and Service

We Out-Geek The Squad!

We sell all brands of PCs.  As value resellers, we can get great prices on any make or model.  And we pass these savings on to you!Not only do we sell PCs, but we also sell laptops, tablets, printers, and any other accessory
you need.Call us today for a free quote!

Is your computer running slow?  Or not functioning at all?  Not only do we sell computers, but we service them as well!  We can replace and upgrade parts, clean up extra files, remove viruses, and clean the registry of your
computer.  These are sure-fire ways to get your computer back up to speed!

One of the newest technology available is an SSD hard drive.  That is a solid-state drive with no moving parts.  And because it has no moving parts, your computer is able to access the files it needs faster than a standard hard drive. 
And not just a little faster; but at least 10 times faster!  That's a speed boost every computer needs!  We can clone your current drive to a new SSD drive and you will be sooooo much happier with your computer!  And all
of your files will still be intact.

Did you know computers can get congested, just like people?Over time, your computer has probably pulled in lots of dust from the air around you.  Stuff you don't even see!  And that dust collects and compacts everywhere it
lands inside your computer, but especially on your processor, heat sink, and fans.  That prevents heat from being pulled off of your processor, which in turn will cause damage.  If your computer is several years old and has never
been cleaned out, now is the time before any damage occurs.