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Virus Removal and Protection

Virus Update (3-1-2019)

We are getting more calls lately about customers getting viruses from email.  Beware of emails in regard to Invoices.  The attachments or the links on the emails contain Ransomware viruses.  Even if the name of the person that sent it to you is someone you know, double-check the actual email address.  A lot of them are being spoofed so the name is familiar, but the email address is not theirs.

Another virus we have seen lately says it is from someone you know and is from their Dropbox account.  But, the from address is not from Dropbox, but DropService.  Do not open it!  It will get access to your email account and begin sending it to everyone in your contact list.

Stay vigilant!  If you ever receive a suspicious email, its better to just delete it.  But if you have questions, call us and we will advise you.

The best way to protect your computer from viruses, spyware, and ransomware is a good anti-virus program.

Malwarebytes is the best currently in production!  That's why we became a reseller.  We want our clients to be protected from all the bad guys out there on the Internet with a solid anti-virus program to give them peace of mind.

We offer license for individual computers and for entire offices.