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Unlock Windows with Unknown Microsoft Account Password

  1. Download Hiren's Boot CD HERE
  2. Boot the computer off of the Hiren's Boot CD
  3. Once it boots up, click the START button
  4. Click SECURITY
  5. Click PASSWORDS
  6. Click Windows Login Unlocker to start it
  7. By default, the program lists all local user accounts that it can find on your computer. As you can see below, the email address of my Microsoft account is listed in the Description column of linked local account David.

8. Select the linked local account and click on Reset Password button.

9. The program will convert your locked Microsoft account to local account. You can set a new password for the converted local account. Enter a new password and click OK.

10. You'll get the message saying your password is reset successfully. Click OK, then Restart and remove the CD.