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Windows Server Error 0xc00002e2

This error is caused by a corrupted Active Directory database.  The database needs to be recovered.

To check for corruption:

  1. Press F8 during boot to get to the Windows Recovery Menu
  2. Select Directory Services Restore Mode
  3. The server will boot into Safe Mode.
  4. Open a command prompt with Admin priviledges
  5. Type "ntdsutil.exe" and press ENTER
  6. Type "activate instance ntds" and press ENTER
  7. Type "files" and press ENTER
  8. Type "integrity" and press ENTER
  9. The output will verify if your database is corrupt

To recover the database:

  1. Type "quit" to exit out of files
  2. Type "semantic database analysis" and press ENTER
  3. Type "go fixup" and press ENTER
  4. The output will verify if it is fixed.
  5. If it is fixed, reboot the server
  6. If the server continues to not boot with the same error, repeat steps 1-4 from the top section
  7. At the command prompt, type "eseutil /p ntds.dit" and press ENTER
  8. The output will verify if it is fixed.