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Black Screen with Cursor after Clone of Windows 10

There were the drive letters that caused the trouble.

Leave the cloned drive in the computer.  Attempt booting to Windows, but turn the computer off 3 times in a row to force it into Troubleshooting.

Once in Troubleshooting, click Command Prompt.

Find the drive letter of the actual drive.  It will default to X, which is not the actual drive.

Type regedit from CMD


Click File -> LOAD HIVE

Navigate to the actual drive -> Windows -> System32 -> Config -> SYSTEM

Give it a random name such as CLONE.

Under CLONE -> MountedDevices, remove all entries, except the empty (Default) Value

Click CLONE, then File -> UNLOAD HIVE

Exit out of REGEDIT

Close the Command prompt

Restart the computer.

The MountedDevices will automatically create a new entry with current Drive (SSD) and current active Partition being correctly C: