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Remove Exchange Logs from Mailbox Database folder


  1. You must be a Server wide administrator


  1. You must know the folders where

a. Microsoft Exchange is installed

b. Transaction logs are saved in the server (Say, C:\MDBDATA\MDB01)


Step 1. Open an elevated command prompt, navigate to the ‘bin’ folder in the directory where the Exchange server is installed. It can be in ‘C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\bin’.


Step 2. Use the eseutil command.


Open the folder in which the database transaction folders are saved. There will be a file with the extension ‘.chk’. This file will keep track of the log file up to which the mailbox database has committed.


C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\bin> eseutil /mk “C:\MDBDATA\MDB01\E00.chk”


The result will be having a value like

Checkpoint: (0x4B1D,FFFF,FFFF)


Only the first parameter will be our interest.




Step 3. Open the folder in which the transaction logs are saved. Arrange the files on the basis of the ‘Modified Time’. Find the logfile, whose name ends with 0x4B1D.


Step 4. Now, you can delete all the log files above the one identified in Step 3.


After manually deleting the old file, initiate a full backup manually. Because, both incremental and differential wont be of any use at this time, since the log files were deleted by you.