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Samsung Printer A1-4111 Error

Your Samsung Laser Printer has an Error #A1-4111 on the display screen.

1. Before starting, turn off the power with the power switch next to the power cord then disconnect all cords from the unit.

2. On my printer (other models may vary) there are 5 screws that need to be removed first:

Facing the front, open the large lower front cover and remove the three screws on the front right

Turn to the back and open the back cover. Remove the two screws on the left. Notice any screws that are different and remember their position.

4. Slide the right side cover towards the back. It should come away easily. Set it aside.


This problem is with the small blue solenoid in the upper left corner. A pad slips or falls off and the printer doesn't like it.

Remove the retaining screw and pull it out a bit to work on.

If yours is missing, look around for it. If it or the stickiness is gone, a few layers of masking tape cut in a small square can fix it.

In my case the small foam pad had just slipped. So I just carefully pushed it back down right under the tab with a flat head screwdriver.


Reinstall the solenoid.

Reverse the steps of disassembly.

I found these helpful directions from and