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Seizing FSMO Roles in Active Directory

Seizing FSMO Roles Using the Command Line
It is not possible to seize FSMO roles using the graphical interface.

  1. At an elevated command prompt on a working DC, type ntdsutil.
  2. Type roles.
  3. Type connection.
  4. Type connect to server <DC_name>, where <DC_name> is the name of the DC that will inherit the role.
  5. Type quit once.
  6. Type one of the following, depending on the role being seized:
    PDC Emulator: seize pdc
    Infrastructure Master: seize infrastructure master
    RID Master: seize rid master
    Domain Naming Master: seize naming master
    Schema Master: seize schema master
  7. Confirm that you wish to seize the role. There will be a considerable amount of output. The last line should indicate that the role has been seized.
  8. Type quit until you have exited Ntdsutil.